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Mineral Processing Equipment
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Friday, 28 March 2008

Single diaphragm

Russell Mineral Jig Models LJ2, J2, J3, J5, J8, J14,and J24

Twin diaphragm

Models J2/6, J2/10, J2/16, J2/28, J2/54, J2/64 and J2/70
Capacities from 2.0 tonne / hour to 140 tonne / hour in two and four cell (single and twin diaphragms) in single stand alone units. Combinations are used to achieve higher tonnages and for secondary / tertiary concentrator where required. Modular units supplied mounted on skids, wheels or tracks with access stairs, walkways, feed distributors, tailings discharge (pumped or gravity) concentrate collection systems, pumps, water manifolds, electric control stations and lighting. The Russell Jig was originally designed as a Gold Jig in the 1970's on the Kanowna alluvial gold fields near Kalgoorlie in Western Australia and has unique design features that improve the recovery of fine gold. A very high displacement ratio (diaphragm area to screen area) allows the use of lead balls as "ragging" on the standard stainless steel screens. The ball diameter is matched perfectly to the screen aperture to create a very uniform, dense and compact bed. This combination will not allow particles of a lower SG (specific gravity) than the lead and sufficient size, to displace the lead and block the screen apertures. Keeping the screen clean allows the Jig to operate at maximum efficiency at all times. As gold has a much higher SG than lead it can displace it and be captured. The Russell Jig can also be used for the recovery of Platinum, Tin, Tantalum, Diamonds and Sapphires.

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Russell Mineral Jigs
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BHP Steel Award

Winner of the 1987 BHP Steel Award (Primary Industry Category) for the BSP 10 Mobile Bulk Sampling Plant.  Download brochure here.

BSP 10 Mobile Bulk Sampling Plant