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Tuesday, 13 November 2007

AMTAS commenced operating as U.M.F. in Naval Base, Western Australia in 1982. At this time the Company was manufacturing Heavy Mineral Processing Equipment. This equipment included the unique ‘Russell’ Heavy mineral Jig and the BSP 10 Mobile Bulk Sampling Plant. The BSP 10 went on to win the BHP Steel Award (Primary Industry Category) in 1987. This was followed by its inclusion in the international television series ‘Beyond 2000’. The product range at this time was aimed exclusively at the mining industry. The product range has diversified over the years to include components and plant for the materials handling industry relating to the manufacture and handling of fertilisers.

AMTAS specialises in the design and manufacture of 'one-off’ plants and has experience in the construction of a variety of plants including:

  • Small to medium sized crushing
  • Floating gold and diamond recovery
  • Mineral exploration and production
  • Fertilizer blending and coating plants
  • Load out facilities
  • Screening plants

These have been shipped to many countries outside Australia, including:
South Africa, Gabon, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, The Philippines, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, Ecuador and Papua New Guinea.

Services Offered

AMTAS offers the unique service of being able to design, draft, manufacture, install and commission these products in-house, by staff with hands-on experience. This ability enables your plant to be individually designed for your specific requirements, or modified to suit your applications without the expense and lost time of referring to a number of different outside consultants.

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